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Top Gun Events have invested in the latest state of the art, laser shooting equipment, as used by armies worldwide to train their troops. Unlike Paintball, there are no painful paint pellets to bruise you. You do not wear a ‘smelly’ facemask that steams up impairing your vision, the range and accuracy are far greater than paintball and most importantly there are no hidden extra costs for ammunition etc..

All of our guns include grenade launchers, and offer laser sights with phenomenal accuracy. All you wear is a military helmet and carry a gun. Fun can be had at our dedicated war game site with many bunkers, bridges and river crossing or we can transport our equipment to a venue of your choice. Develop fantastic team building, competitive scenarios, whether your battle-zone consists of machine gun manoeuvres, or grenade launch strategies, you will be guaranteed adrenaline-filled fun!


These are some of the Battle Zone Game scenarios: -

The Embassy Siege, there is a price on each soldier’s head with a bonus bounty for the Diplomat. The defending team must stop the soldiers, particularly the Diplomat from entering the Embassy.
Find and Defend the Parachutist
A parachutist has been dropped behind enemy lines with a disc containing classified data. The parachute does not open, resulting in sudden death. The General has ordered further men to be dropped to rescue the disc to restore national security!
Defend the Coral At All Costs
Two warring countries are in battle in the Coral Zone. The soldiers that capture the most of the enemy in the shortest time win bonus points but also receive a ‘come-back to-life-card’ when you are about to bite the dust!
Seek, Destroy & Rescue the Hostage Flags
One team of soldiers have 5 lives, 50 rounds of ammunition and 10 grenades. Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the enemy camp and rescue the hostage flags. The enemy are aware of their task and have 50% less ammunition but are totally concealed in the undergrowth!
Last Man Standing
Each man / woman for themselves. Once the General gives the orders, all military personnel flee into the forest. Dog eat Dog strategy applies – the last man standing lives to win the points.

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