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How about devoting the entire day to teambuilding, problem solving and communication oh and of course fun!

Team Building Events can sometimes be perceived as a lot of analysis and facilitation! We can work in both the more traditional way to accommodate you, or if you prefer, a more informal way of discovering how well you and your peers/colleagues work together. So whether its communication, leadership, teamwork or just plain fun either option is our speciality!

How about mixing together Lock Zone, Smash & Grab and Divide & Conquer to get those brains going. I’m pretty sure we could combine Laser Combat in here somewhere with these activities, if it sounds too much like work. These tasks will address a number of areas including leadership, planning, role recognition, time-management and delegation skills amongst others. The day can be as formal or informal as required by the group and will be entirely geared towards your needs.

Survival Weekend
Taken by boat to a remote Island, can you survive without your home comforts? The only shelter is what you build, and food that you catch & cook. Robinson Crusoe survived can you?

Using Mother Nature as your source, the team will combine their knowledge to build fires, to cook your rations.

You will be given various tasks to complete to lead you to shelter. Further cryptic clues to solve will test your navigational skills, as you are guided to parts of the island where team-building activities await you.

Cops & Robbers
A robbery is linked to the safety of a visiting foreign dignitary. The only way to secure her safety is to apprehend the robbers! Can the police find them in time - and keep within budget?
The objective is to locate and surround the suspects. Each "squad" has its own budget and access, at a price, to underworld informants and eyewitness accounts. Sooner or later squads realise that all the necessary information is beyond the limits of their individual budgets. Time to start talking to other squads. The whole group needs to agree a way to purchase the right information, to piece together the movements of the robbers and move to a final arrest - but competitive instincts invariably hinder progress!
The concept of collaborative teamwork is fundamental to business success. This activity opens the doors to information sharing, communication channels, honesty, and united team success. The resistance of any team to join in this process sparks enormous discussion and leads to a template for more effective internal communications.
'Cops & Robbers is a great success and never fails to intrigue and frustrate!'

The Pyramid Phoenix Game

Pharaohs, Mummies and Egyptians are all involved in of this mind bending game.
Ideal as a starter to teamwork, leadership and managing time. Skill sets identified include problem solving and communication.
Both intellectual and practical teamwork is challenged in this fun exercise. It demonstrates the importance of planning; understanding the problem; identifying strengths and weaknesses; quality control to avoid rework; morals, ethics and creativity.

Montgomery’s Revenge

Montgomery is dead and his safe lies undiscovered! Can his followers find the loot together - or, as Monty predicted, will they fight and squabble to the end?
Each team are given a brief, a map, a plan of a disused mine shaft (where the loot is hidden) and some security codes and locks. For each question correctly answered teams are rewarded with pieces equipment desperately needed to get down the mineshaft. The race is on - until teams realise they do not have all the necessary resources for getting the treasure. Will individual teams waste valuable gold, buying on the black market - in an attempt to take the treasure for themselves - or will they persuade the other teams that the only way is to work together and share the treasure?
Teams often see themselves as rivals, not allies. Teams succeed in this lively exercise only if they co-operate with each other, share information and build a trusting and honest climate. Often teams will jump into the challenge without discussing the various strategies required for success. This leads to wasted time, many mistakes being made - and unclaimed treasure.

Follow The Leader (Leadership Skills Challenge)
An excursion to the beautiful Church Island can be won and there are points to collect en route. Will your team run away with the prize?
In this tabletop simulation each team first chooses a leader. Each leader is given a €300 budget, a map and 15 minutes to familiarise themselves with the Brief. During this period the rest of the teams complete questionnaires about leadership qualities - for discussion later. Essentially teams must collect as many points as possible by visiting post offices and lighthouses - and beaches to get buckets of sand! Leaders, with their own, chosen style of leadership, brief their teams and oversee the activity. Information on costs, ferry timetables, time and distance, overnight accommodation etc are available from a computer databank - but information costs money - and eats into a tight budget! Leaders must aim for a carefully constructed plan that keeps everyone on board, fits the constraints and picks up as many points as possible!
Follow The Leader clearly illustrates some important requirements of good leadership, the need to brief the team well, to coordinate the strategic planning process, to keep a watchful eye on budgets and other constraints, to review and to keep good communications within the team. A challenging exercise which gives leaders and teams a great opportunity to demonstrate their skills. Ideal for assessing both leadership styles and team roles.

Treasury Team
A treasure chest lies hidden in the Forest. It's all yours - if you can find it - and the vital key - before anyone else! Briefs are issued to the competing teams, containing vital clues to the whereabouts of the four keys. So team members must realise that they need to share their information. Once the location of the keys is discovered, teams plan the fastest route to collect them and so get to the treasure. The Trainer holds vital items that teams need to locate the treasure and get it back to the start point. And the quickest team wins!
Treasury Team brings the outdoors indoors with a classic team challenge. It allows teams to put all their interpersonal and team skills into action in a fun way, to demonstrate that they are the top banana! Use at the start of an event to identify weaknesses or at the end to practise what's been learnt.

Survival of the Fittest

Are you properly prepared for survival in hostile mountains - to accomplish a mission? If your morale gauge touches 'zero' - it's a helicopter rescue!
Ancient and priceless stone must be located on the mountain map. Working from details on the map, teams must plan a route to collect the stones. Load has a bearing on travel speed, but not having the necessary equipment may cause problems later! Finally, they must put their plans into action. Weather conditions, via audiotape, can cause delay, and affect morale - but morale gets a welcome boost for every piece of stone retrieved.

Survive is a substantial, exciting activity tests organisation, planning and decision-making skills. It also makes the link between good preparation and high morale and motivation. Brings out the Indiana Jones in us all!

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